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Beta Release

Hey folks. Its been long enough. I've got a new beta version of BurnSim ready for download. This is a beta, please contact me to report any bugs . Full change notes below, but a few things worth calling out specifically.

First, units. You can now select from a couple choices on linear, pressure and force units in the Settings menu. I'm a redneck who is firmly stuck in the imperial units world, so I’m looking to those of you more enlightened than I to point out any glaring issues here. Tell me what other unit options I should add.

Second, mass flux. Previously mass flux was only evaluated in the bottom grain of the motor. Now it is evaluated for each grain and the peak mass flux value reported in the UI is the actual peak seen, and also indicates which grain the max was seen. The CSV data export includes mass flux data for each grain throughout the burn.

Third, nozzle erosion. Currently just supports specifying an erosion rate. Again, let me know what you want to here.

Full change notes:

  • Added Nozzle erosion
  • Added Software License to splashscreen/about
  • UI Scaling fixes for output data fields being cutoff
  • Bugfix - c*/isp* wiping each other out if one is saved as zero
  • Added Batch run from command line arguments
  • Bugfix in activation process causing failure on special characters
  • Bugfix burn routine causing runaway loop for endburner simulations
  • Units for grain dimension fields in MM And Inches
  • Fixes to graph line colors, color pickers, saving colors
  • Added graphing of thrust data calculated from imported pressure data
  • Fixed Windows Forms Controls old versions obsolete issues
  • Fixed UI issues with removing apply button (put it back)
  • Update to calculate and store thrust, mass flux and mass flow from imported pressure data
  • Update to include imported test data and calculated data from those in CSV export
  • Fix licensing logic to handle license count correctly
  • Fix to moon burner grain validation logic when using 0 diameter core
  • Unit choices for linear, pressure, force
  • Mass Flux reporting per grain in data export, ui reports max overall and which grain
  • Fix when deleting all grains from a motor causing errors

The beta can be downloaded below. This is not a full install, just the .exe. As it's a vanilla .NET application You can download, unzip, and just run. I'll work on a pretty install eventually

PLEASE NOTE, this is a beta. Back up any .bsx files and your propellant database before running this new version. Your propellant database is located in your windows 'documents' folder, titled burnsim3_propellants.xml.


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