Simulating a Basic Rocket Motor

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BurnSim was created for simulating solid rocket motors, with the goal being making it as simple as possible for a user to do so while being accurate as possible given valid inputs. To get started, the first step is to open BurnSim, where you'll see the main form:

Next, we need to get a propellant grain or two in there. For this test, we'll simulate a 54mm BATES grain motor. To add the grain, select "BATES" from the Grain Type drop down in the upper left, then choose a propellant in the drop down below that, give a length of 3 inches, Diameter of 1.825 inches, and a core diameter of 0.5. Finally, click the 'Add' button below the grain fields and you will have a single grain added to the motor, like below.

Finally, we need to specify a nozzle throat in order to complete the motor. To do this, simply click on the field in the upper right labelled 'Nozzle Throad Dia' and enter 0.25. As you type the value in you'll notice the simulation start to run immediately. Now that there is a grain defined as well as a nozzle, BurnSim has enough data to simulate a burn.

From this point you can add grains, change their geometry, select different propellants, modify nozzle geometry, and so on, observing the change in simulation results. Explore and enjoy!
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