How to activate BurnSim version 2.x on a machine not connected to the internet

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There is a special process to follow if you need to activate BurnSim on a computer that is not connected to the internet. You' ll need to be able to copy a small file from the target machine to another that is connected to the internet so you can email a key request file to

Generate Key Request File

On the machine where you want to activate BurnSim, run BurnSim and click the Help, then Activate menu. The activation window will open. Double click the location indicated in the image below, and a set of buttons will appear.

Once the buttons are visible, click the 'Create Product Identification File' button. You'll be prompted for a filename to save to. Once done, copy that file to another machine that is connected to the internet and email it to Within one business day you will receive a key file. Copy that file to the machine you want to activate BurnSim on. Then back on the activation window, click the 'Read Product Activation File' button and provide the location of the file that was emailed to you. At that point your BurnSim installation will be activated.

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