Solid Propellant Internal Ballistics Simulation
Research Rocket Motor design software

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Release 3.3.3

Been a while since we've had an official release, please see the change notes below. As always, if you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc, please Contact me.

  • UI scaling fixes to graph area
  • New Windows Installer
  • Printing fixes
  • New checkbox to export eng based on imported pressure data
  • Can now specify number of data points to trim off imported data, instead of just one at a time
  • Motor designation is displayed for both simulated and imported data (if present)
  • Test data import from CSV as well as clipboard

As noted above, this is a full installer, should just work. I'm still getting code signing straightened out, so windows may flag it as 'unknown' software when installing, and you'll have to click past the warning.


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